PCR Tests For Porto

We have partnered up with Blindspot Global as our preferred Covid -19 testing partner and we have agreed on a discounted rate of £125.00 for all legally required testing for a GREEN light destination, this being a" Fit to Fly" PCR test with certification and a "UK Arrival" PCR test to be taken on or before day 2 of your arrival back into the UK.

The details are in the link below and include the bullet point instructions that will be enclosed in the test kits which you will receive upon ordering tests please read carefully and follow to the point. There is an amendment on:

POINT 3 " DROP OFF PREFERRED OPTION" This is our preferred option as this will expedite the process and you will receive your tests and certification quicker. You can now drop off your tests from 6 am until 10 am on THURSDAY 27th MAY and FRIDAY 28th May at


10 Canal St,


M1 3EZ.

With regards to having to carry out any additional testing from the Portugal side to re-enter the UK, this is the latest update from our Portuguese federation representative.

"Regarding the procedures, it still stands the information that only a valid negative PCR test is required to enter in Portugal and during the 72 hour validity of the test nothing else is required to leave"

You must use the below link to purchase the discounted covid test


Have a safe journey.

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